What do I do on a typical weekday? No, I'm not locked in a cell 24/7 (that's a huge blessing). Here's a look at what my 'normal' schedule looks like.

5 am: count time (I have to sit up in my bed with the light on. As soon as we are counted I go right back to sleep).

5:30 am: breakfast (No, I do not go to breakfast as I'm sleeping)

7 am: I get up and get ready for my day

7:30 am: count time (for this one I just have to be in my room with the door shut)

8-11am: work

11:30: count time (must be sitting on my bed, lights on, door closed)

12 pm: lunch

12:30-4 pm: work

4 pm: mail is handed out to us

4:30 pm: count time (must be sitting on my bed, lights on, door closed)

5 pm: dinner

10 pm: count time (must be standing at the door with ID in hand, lights on, door closed)

During the pandemic I only work about 2 1/2 hours a day, but hopefully we'll be back to a full workload soon. Between the times I mentioned I have free time where I read (a lot), crochet, play Sudoku, write letters, sleep, make phone calls, watch TV, ect... Staying busy helps time go by faster, and it keeps my mind busy. An idle mind is the devil's playground is so true. When we have chapel services during the week, they are generally scheduled for 6:30-8 pm.


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