First of all "thank you" to each of you who prayed for my friend I mentioned on April 25th. Without knowing all the details of what had happened to her, I was truly worried and very concerned. Five days later my friend returned to my housing unit.

We had lunch the next day together, and I found it a little odd that my friend was quite bubbly and happy. After hearing her story I understood why. My friend had a huge argument with her roommates one night. She was so upset she considered fighting one of them, but she talked herself out of it. The next morning she went to "sick call" and told the nurse she needed to see a mental health counselor immediately.

The nurse asked my friend if she felt like hurting herself or others. Well, she had three options:
1) Say no to both and get put on a waiting list (usually 30 days or more) to see a counselor.
2) Say yes to hurting yourself and get all your belongings taken away including your clothing, get put in a turtle suit, and get put in isolation under observation.
3) Say yes to hurting others and keep most of your belongings and get put in isolation under observation.

My friend quickly weighed her options and went with #3 saying she felt like she could hurt someone else. She was put in isolation with her clothes and Bible, and she was able to get the help she so desperately needed at the same time. As she was telling me her story she asked me if I felt she had manipulated the system. I thought for a moment and had to say yes. She did manipulate the system, but at the same time she was able to get the help she needed without hurting others so I was so proud of her.

She then told me that while she was in isolation she was reading in I Samuel how David had several occasions where he could have killed King Saul and justified his actions, and yet he chose not to hurt him. She said God used those passages to help her realize she wasn't a coward for not fighting but rather had made the right choice to choose to seek help instead of fighting her roommate.

God is working in people's lives even in prison.
I Samuel 24:3-22
I Samuel 26:1-25

(See the April 25, 2021, post)



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