A Friend's Testimony


While is prison God brought many women into my life. These women helped me learn so many lessons that God wanted to teach me. It is a humbling experience to see God use unbelievers to defend and protect me in difficult moments. When I began working in the library I had one very shy, quiet coworker. The first few weeks we just smiled at each other and said, "hi" and "good-bye." 

One day in the dining room I was sitting by myself eating lunch when Rose came in and asked if she could sit with me. From that moment on we developed a friendship that will last forever. Rose became a Christian shortly after I met her, and she has given me permission to share her testimony. 


Joy met me before I became a Christian. She always invited me to church, but I never went. Back in 2019, I was writing this inmate from a men's prison, and he encouraged me to keep an open mind about Jesus. I was a non-practicing Muslim when I came to prison. So I started watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and Pastor Robert Morris out of Gateway Church in Dallas, TX. He convinced me that the Bible was real. 

So on December 31, 2019 I decided to turn my life over to Jesus just to see what He could do for my life. I've been growing in the Lord ever since. I continue to watch TBN all the time with different preachers, and I've read the Bible all the way thru at least once now. In December 2021, I decided to fully trust in Jesus for my life. That took a different about of character to no longer live by my selfish ways. 

After Joy got out, I was locked up in isolation for 10 days and was finally able to hear the Spirit of God speaking within my heart. It was so amazing! He told me all I really NEED is food, clothing, and His WORD. So I'm trying my best now to pull away from material things and focus more on God's love for me and others. 

At first, I was interested in Jesus to get close to a male. I've always been attracted to men who speak of spiritual things. But on my journey I'm learning who God and Jesus really are and how much they want me to love myself. I've always struggled with self-esteem issues. They want me to love others too, and I find I'm more generous since I've found God. I'm not really a "people person" as I prefer to be by myself. But I'm trying to be good to others. It's a process, and it takes time.

I have a real passion to want to reach out to unloved Muslim women and show them the awesome love of God. 


Writing Rose's testimony made me smile and cry. What a privilege it is to be considered her friend and to have a part in her life. As I'm on parole I'm not allowed to write to her, but God led a friend from church to take up this ministry for me, and she is filling in the gap while I can't at this time.

Please pray for Rose. In spite of her long sentence, she has a very sweet spirit and a heart to serve God. Pray she will continue to grow spiritually and that she will be a "living testimony" in that dark place. 


  1. Amen. Thanks for sharing. G.d uses those who are available.


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