Before I was incarcerated, I loved to move. I loved to travel, I loved change, I could only go so long before I needed to rearrange my furniture and make things different. Since July, 2019, I have moved nine times, and I'm done with moving and change. I long for the day I can stay in one place for a long time.

Here is a little bit about my life in prison and what moving to another cell/room is like.

I was called to the bubble on a Friday afternoon and told to pack all my belongings because that evening I was moving to the Incentive Wing. This is a good thing as the Incentive Wing comes with many perks due to good behavior, but moving in prison can be an unsettling experience.

I was comfortable in my current room with my three roommates, and now I was moving into a wing with women I didn't know and into a room with roommates I hadn't met. This is an intense moment in prison. Will I be safe in my new room? What if my roommates and I don't get along?

I moved that evening with all my belongings. I met my new roommates, made my bed, and unpacked. Later two women got into a fight because of where I stood in line waiting to get ice. At that moment I just wanted the floor to open and swallow me.

I had been in my new room one day when a roommate explained to me that the case worker had made a mistake when he moved me into that room. A friend of my roommate was supposed to get my bed, and she asked me if I would move to another room on Monday. There are some things that aren't worth fighting over in prison, and this was one of them. So I agreed to move.

Monday morning my roommate was talking to me about Kobe Bryant, who had just died in a helicopter crash. I was able to give her one of my pastor's tracts as he was the only survivor of a plain crash. She took the tract, turned it over, and read the church address. She was so excited because she knew exactly where the church was located. I told her I used to live in Glasgow Village, and she knew where that was too! She promised to read the tract and share it with her family.

Monday afternoon I packed up my belongings, and that evening after work I moved down the hall to my new room. I cannot complain. I have three quiet roommates, and we all get along quite well. God placed me in a new wing and in a new room so I could be a testimony for Him to more women.

Psalm 91:1  "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."


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