For the last 6 months there have been no chapel services in prison, so it has been a huge blessing that I can hear good preaching on the radio. This morning I grabbed my Bible, my tablet, and my headphones not knowing what I was going to hear but desperately needing to hear from God. I missed the name of the preacher but got the message, and I wanted to share the outline with you.

Luke 16:19-31

The rich man and Lazarus is a true story and not a parable.
1) There was a certain rich man (vs 19).
2) There was a certain beggar named Lazarus (vs 20).
3) Was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom (vs 22) Abraham is a real person.

Hell is a place of extreme suffering.
1) And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments (vs 23)
2) For I am tormented in this flame (vs 24)
3) and thou art tormented (vs 25)
4) this place of torment (vs 28)

We can learn three things about those in hell through the rich man.
1) He desires comfort (vs 24).
2) He expresses concern (vs 27-28).
3) He seeks consolation (vs 30).

Hell was not prepared for you.
Matthew 25:41 Hell was enlarged for sinners. Isaiah 5:14
Heaven was prepared for you.
John 14:2

Four things NOT found in hell. These four things provide physical and mental stability for us here on earth.
1) Light - outer darkness
2) Solid - bottomless pit
3) Rest - weeping and gnashing of teeth
4) Hope - eternity in hell never ends

If you were driving home and saw your neighbor's house on fire you would call 911 immediately, and then you would rush to your neighbor's house to help put out the firs and rescue anyone in danger if possible. You would NOT instead park in your driveway and say...
*I hope someone calls 911.
*Someone else will help them.
*I'll just pray for them.

Remember each person is on fire if they don't accept Christ as their Savior. You need to warn them.



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