Oh how marvellous, the works of His hands.
Why he took our firstborn, I don't understand.
Born into this world, small and immature, 
Having no chance in this life to endure.
Many a time have I asked the Lord, "Why?"
Impatiently waiting for Him to reply.
Was it because He loves him more than I?
Is that why He decided to take his life?
Did He miss him so much that He couldn`t forbear?
That He just had to take him to be with Him there?
Could it be that the life that I could give him,
Would be filled with heartache, pain and sin?
What I could offer, how could it compare,
To the wonders of Heaven and all that`s up there?
I`ve oftentimes wondered why his life came to a halt,
Was it somehow in some way my very own fault?
Whatever the reason, I will find out why,
But it will not be now and not in this life.
The dark days have come and now they are gone,
For it`s getting much brighter on the horizon.
Had it not been for loved ones and my church family, too,
Theres no way on earth we would have made it through.
Happy Birthday my son!  I`ll see you soon!
This day will no longer be filled with gloom.
I have chosen to celebrate not your death, but your life,
For "This is the Lord`s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.!

 Morgan Swinson,  Joy's Brother-in-law


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