Our world has changed over the last few months. Social distancing has forced us to distance ourselves from family, friends and other humans in general. There is a rise in depression, stress, anxiety and anger. Tempers are short, money is tight, some have lost their jobs and it seems there is no end in sight.

I´m in prison, so apart from the news, I´m not experiencing what you are. I don´t have to worry about food, bills, or rent. A friend wrote to me this week and mentioned how not being able to fellowship with others from her church was so frustrating. You know someone is struggling and hurting, but you can´t visit them and give them a hug.

I began thinking about how I am encouraged by those who care about me. Letters and emails are the only way my family and friends can contact me. Yes, I can make phonecalls, but that´s on my end, as I can´t receive phone calls. Everytime I get a letter or an email from someone, it brings a smile to my face. Maybe it´s a card, maybe someone drew a picture, maybe it´s a video, but no matter what it is, someone who knows me took the time to write me, and I am so thankful for them and so blessed to have them in my life.

So here are some ideas so you can reach out to someone, show them you care and brighten their day, by putting a smile on their face:

-write a letter or an email
- share a joke,
- draw a picture
- color a picture
- give them a phone call
- send them a text message
- record yourself singing
- share a picture
- make a small gift

Right now what we have the most of is time on our hands. Use the talents God has given you to bless someone. Most of the suggestions I mentioned above don´t cost much. They just take a little time. Do something special to encourage someone today. 



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